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So, it appears DeviantArt has gone the Facebook path now?
I can haz Helmet? by Bloodrebel
I can haz Helmet?
So yeah, been on a bit of a medieval kick recently, hoping to put together a set of armor.
War had dragged on, despair ran rampant throughout the Seven Kingdoms. Five long years of death and destruction had destroyed the lives of thousands. Children turned to orphans, wives turned into widows, husbands with no families left, fields burned, villages and towns pillaged. It was only in the sixth year of fighting did the lords of the seven kingdoms finally come together, not as foes, but as equals whose kingdoms had all had enough suffering. They met on the steeps of Mount Gefterdain in a grove of olive trees, this council lasted for five weeks, and at long last, there was peace between the kingdoms once more.

Rorick Hayden was a lieutenant in the King’s cavalry, he had left his beloved wife when the call to arms had first been sounded, promising to her that he would return soon. But that was five years ago now.

The city looked as though it had been abandoned by all color, that was Rorick's first thought as he and his fellows rode through the city gates, he remembered the streets, usually full of merchants from all over the world, their attire vibrant hues, telling colorful tales of how rare and better their stock was than that of their competitors. Ladies laughing as they talked and wandered from vendor to vendor, guards in black and white surcoats patrolling the streets a fierce contrast to the people around them.

There was none of that now though, beggars and urchins wandered the streets, ragged patchwork clothes hanging on thin frames, starved dogs hunted through the alleys, searching for scraps of food that weren’t there. Shops and homes boarded up, no life in them, there were a few people who greeted the returning soldiers, yet most just stared.

The clopping of the Calvary horses echoed throughout the dull streets, filth piled in front of houses, men began breaking off, returning to their homes, some happily, glad to see their wives and children again, some in despair, no wife or children left. It was a long few hours as the men broke off, one by one, until it was only Rorick.

He stood before his home, situated in a far corner of the city, the gated garden in front was unbarred, the gateman nowhere to be seen. He dismounted, patting his steed lightly, and pushed the gate open, leading his horse inside. Rorick looked upon the front of his house in despair, all the shutters were closed but the ones on the windows to his own chambers.

He tethered his mount, and stepped to the entryway, pushing open the door, he could feel that the inside of the house was cold, no fire blazed in the great fireplace, no candles were lit on the mantle, melted wax had pooled and hardened on the dining table, no servants had come to greet him. Walking through his home felt like a nightmare come to life.

He found no one in the kitchens, no one in his study, no one in the servants quarters, no one in the house at all, the only room he had left to search was his own. His footsteps were heavy as he trudged up the stairs, dust coated every surface. He stopped at his own door, his hands shaking as he reached for the knob, his whole world seemed to have slowed as he opened the door, sunlight catching the dust in the air, there was not a soul in his room he saw. He noticed his wife, or someone had left out her favorite dress, it was laid upon the bed, where his wife would sleep. He shuffled over, despair filling him, he saw a ring, his wife’s wedding ring, with a scrolled up piece of paper tucked in it.

His whole body began to shake as he picked up the ring and paper, unrolling it to see what it said, reading through the paper and coming to the end of his wife’s final address to him he slumped to the floor and began to sob...
Fateful Reunion
Right in the feels man... Or at least that's what I was aiming for.
Smoke and fire dotted the horizon, the harsh rumble of battle in the distance, the cries of men fighting for their lives, but on the cliffs above the field of battle an unnatural calm had settled upon two opposing men. Thunder rumbled and lightning sparked across the blackening skies, the light patter of rain striking the dry ground arose. It was as if a stage had been set and it was simply waiting for actors to begin the final scene...

It had come down to this, one last meeting. The two figures circled each other, one matching the other, step by step. Two predators hunting the same prey, come to face one another at long last... The wind had come up, howling across the fields, rain soaked into the two, yet none of these factors came into play, for all was calm between the two...

The two knew that only one of them would step away from this cliff, that one of them must suffer defeat here, there would be no more stand stills, no more draws. Here, now, only one victory was possible. Death was the only other option...

The battle was joined with no ceremony, no starting bell, it began with a strike, the spinning of a blade through the air, storm be damned the battle had begun. It was now that there was no turning back, no retreat, no surrender, only victory, or death, which would decide upon which predator the land would be preyed upon by.

It was in a single moment that the fate of the battle was decided, a single cut which shattered one predator, the writer's mind shattering from within. Words and lines spilled out from his pen onto paper, it was now that the deciding factor had been found... And the calm which had been the center of the writers mind had deteriorated. Wind and rain, sound and light came crashing in... What had happened? And what, was to happen further?
Of Battling
When there can be no clear answer I know not how to continue.


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My name is Dempsey Oliver. I love to Role play, write, and take photo's. I'm currently in high school. I play American Football and I'm an avid chess player and fisherman. I love listening to music, especially TwoStepsFromHell. I aim to join the Military after high school.

Current Residence: Clifton, ME
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What is in a day?

A year?

What does a birthday mean?

Is it not just another day?

Just another day,

That begins another year,

In a life that is lived by only one person?

What makes a birthday so special?

Do we not expect to survive to the next year?

Do we really expect that a celebration,

To signify the lasting of another year,

Should be of great concern?

That living another year in your life,

Is something that needs celebration?

Had a relatively crappy birthday.
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